We had so much fun at my downline meeting this month! Everyone who came really LOVES to stamp, and we all get so excited to make and see new stuff! We take turns bringing projects for everyone to make and this month was a winner! Let me just say how thrilled I am to be blessed with such an awesome stamping group! Everyone shares their best projects, and we all thrive on eachother’s excitement for stamping!

First, Carrie brought 2 projects for us to make…the first one was a New Year’s Resolution ball, which was so pretty! The idea is to write your New Year’s Resolutions on the slips of curly paper inside the ball, and break the ball at the following New Year’s. I didn’t write anything on my slips, because I think it’s just beautiful as is! Here’s a picture:


I think I’ll hang mine in the window of my stamp room!

Carrie also brought these adorable little "snowman poop" hats for us to make, complete with marshmallows! On the back of the snowman tag there’s a little poem that reads, "You’ve been naughty so here’s the scoop, all you get is snowman poop!" Is that so cute or what? The hat is made out of a piece of a toilet paper roll covered with paper!


Donna brought an adorable package adornment to share with us, and it’s made out of squares of designer paper! Beautiful!!! And, she even showed us how you can remove it from the package and turn it into an ornament!


Next, Christine brought a fun project for us to make also…this sweet hanging snowman scene! I loved this when I saw it at Christine’s class last week, and she so kindly volunteered to bring it to our meeting for us to make! It includes lots of glitter, so of course I fell in love with it immediately! Thanks for helping me cut out my trees Christine, because I’m a slow-poke…it turned out very nice, here’s the picture:


Then I showed the girls how to make this cool star, which you can use on cards, for an ornament or on a package. I saw it on this blog I visit sometimes, and instantly had to make a few myself! Here’s the card we made:


And I showed the girls the other samples I made, because I could not stop making these once I learned how! Here they are:




Last but not least, I showed the girls this quick technique called "Black Magic" which I saw on Karen Barber’s blog (I believe she’s somewhere in my up-up-up-upline)…anyway, her work is gorgeous!! You really should check out her blog and drool a little when you leave my site! We made this quick card:


I also showed them another sample I made with this technique, here it is:


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  1. Kerin- YOUR blog is amazing!! I am so happy Dawn sent it to me to see the Black Magic cards you created, (very cute!!)but I love your entire blog!! The pin wheel card is one of my favorites and then the beautiful card at the bottom made with the La Jardin paper and that ribbon woven to look like a flower- A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Did you join my Yahoo group? Hope so!! 🙂 You are an awesome stamper and it’s no WONDER you have a hard time keeping up with your BLOG, because you are STAMPING!!! 🙂 Your way up there somewhere upline, Karen Barber

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