Valentine’s Gift Bag and some news

By now you may know that I save everything that could possibly be turned into something crafty, from jars, to crystal light containers, to pringles cans, and much more…well there's a good reason! You never know when you're going to need a little something you can whip up quickly for a special occasion…and with SO much stamp stuff, why not make it yourself instead of heading to the store?!?!

A couple of months ago I got this cute little bag at my hairdresser with some product I had purchased. I tucked it away, it seemed like such a perfect bag for something, I couldn't throw it away. Well this past Sunday we were meeting my in-laws for dinner, and we bought them some Lindt truffles (oh they looked so delicious, milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate on the inside, with perfectly pink shiny wrappers…but I digress…that's the weight watchers talking), anyway, I needed something to present them in, and so I added some dsp and ribbon and voila, good to go in under 10 minutes…

I love, love, love this dsp!! Can you tell from the picture that the circles are actually indented in the paper? The other side is so sweet, vanilla with raise light pink circles and red dots. I have no idea the name brand of this paper, forgive me, I haven't gotten good at taking note of that before I cut it up yet, because I was a SU! girl for so long.

And that brings up some news…I resigned from Stampin' Up! after 6 years with them. I'm not sure if it's actually official yet, but my resignation has been submitted. While I love SU! and I will continue to use SU! product, I found myself becoming interested in other products, and as my husband so perfectly pointed out to me, if I love it I love it, it's my craft time and there's nobody I need to please but myself. That's what I'm going to be doing, using whatever product I love, sharing it on my blog if I want to, and hopefully you'll like what you see and continue to visit me 🙂

Stop by in the next couple of days, I'm going to show you the fun storage I made for my Copic markers!

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  1. Hi! Just read about your resignation and wanted to say “Best Wishes” in your future crafting- it’s a great, big, paper-crafty world out there and now your creative possibilities are truly endless! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead on your blog….

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