Top Note Chocolate Treat Box Template

A couple of days ago I showed you THIS treat box that I had made for a friend…well I have been swamped with emails asking for the measurements to make the box! I'm so thrilled that you all liked it that much 🙂 I had made that box on a whim, with a couple of measurements scribbled on my grid paper, which I threw away by accident…then I mailed out the package, so I don't have the box to refer to!

So, I made up this box this morning, which is pretty much the same as the one I sent Robin, so I'll give you the template for it. I only made the inside of the treat box, you'll just add the Top Note die cut shapes on the top and bottom. 


The way I made the top & bottom of the treat box so sturdy was to create a kind of "sandwich" of paper to run through the Big Shot. I layered card stock, a piece of the cardboard from a package of designer paper, then my designer paper on top. Adhere all of that together, then run it through the Big Shot *with the designer paper facing DOWN so it gets the nice deep stitching along the edge.

Then you'll just wrap your ribbon around the box you made, adhering it in place if you need to, then put Sticky Strip on the top and bottom of your inside box and stick them to the Top Note shapes. Easy peasy huh?

Here's the template: (click on it to make it bigger so you can see the measurements clearly)


Cut on the solid lines, score on the dotted lines, and cut out the gray section. Your card stock should look like this before you assemble it:


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3 thoughts on “Top Note Chocolate Treat Box Template

  1. Thank you, thank you, thanks so much! I love little boxes, so I’m definitely making this one. I loved your dragonfly card so much that I made it with my Shoebox this afternoon. It should post just after midnight.

  2. I really want to thank you for this template and I plan to make one tomorrow!
    Happy Mothers Day everyone!

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