SugarPea Designs is hopping with My Sweet Petunia!

Good morning stamping friends! What an exciting day this is!! SugarPea Designs is hopping with My Sweet Petunia to showcase the amazing MISTI (The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented)! Wait until you see the projects the other designers have come up with using this tool! Plus, there are prizes to be won! There will be a MISTI given away, and also two $25 gift certificates to SugarPea Designs! All you need to do to be eligible is leave a comment on each of the blogs below! The winner of the MISTI will be announced on THIS page of the My Sweet Petunia blog on April 28th. The winners of the two $25 gift certificates to the SugarPea Designs store will be announced on the SugarPea Designs blog on April 28th.

I’ve got a tutorial below on how I used the MISTI to create my card, so be sure to check it out once you’re done hopping along!

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Here’s how I used the amazing MISTI to create my card:

  • Cut a piece of card stock measuring 3-1/4″ x 4-1/4″, and place it on the grid lines of paper that comes with the Misti as shown.
  • Place one of the magnetized Creative Corners on the card stock, making sure that it is lined up with one of the grid intersections. This will allow us to stamp our first image off the edge of the card stock.

  • Next close the door of the Misti, which will adhere the stamp to the inside of the opposite side, ink it up, and close it again to stamp the image.
  • Once the image has been stamped, remove the magnetized Creative Corners piece and replace it with a longer, non-magnetized Creative Corners piece to continue stamping more words. Be sure to line up the Creative Corners piece with the same grid intersection. It has the same angle, so it will line up perfectly.

  • Place the next word to be stamped and carefully remove the angle so that the door of the Misti can be shut.

  • Continue to line up the stamps using the angles and stamp until the entire piece of card stock has been stamped.

  • Another fun trick that the Misti is great for is lining up your stamps inside die cut shapes! Simply die cut the shapes as usual, then place the cut piece inside the Misti.

  • Next, line up the stamps inside the die cut spaces. You could add the die cut card stock before this step, but I find it easier to line up the stamps with the black background.

  • Add the die cut shapes after shutting the Misti door to secure the stamps to the opposite side for inking:


Thanks so much for stopping by!

78 thoughts on “SugarPea Designs is hopping with My Sweet Petunia!

  1. WOW! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I am a visual learner, and you surely made it possible for me to see how this can be done. Your card is sweet!

  2. Love this card! Beautiful color combo and perfect for coffe lover. Thanks for showing how you made it!

  3. Great card! Thanks for the pictures on how you used the creative corners. I’m waiting for mine to arrive and can’t wait to get creative with them!

  4. WOW Another great way to use the misti I would have never thought of this way of making a awesome background…thanks

  5. I’ve not tried to use the corner additions yet.
    thanks for the instructions on a way to
    use them. I’m going to get them out
    and try this technique.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Well, well, well Thank you Kerin for your tutorial on how you made this card. I always love learning new things with new products and this is great with the Creative Corners.
    I love your card A latte!

  7. Love this card. The sentiment background you created is great. That MISTI is the best. It makes card making so much easier.

  8. Thank you so much for showing us this technique. Love learning new ways to use my Misti” great card!

  9. Cool card! I love the sweet sentiment. Thanks for sharing your techniques. I have a mini MISTI but it looks like I definitely need the creative corners too!

  10. The amount of supplies it takes making a nice handmade card… mind blowing some days. If people only knew they might stop saying things like, “I must save so much money by making your own cards” LOL… if they only knew.

  11. Any card with a coffee cup on it is a good card. LOVED the tutorial on the Misti angled pieces-that is incredibly helpful. Thanks!

  12. Your card is great, and thank you for the tips! I’m not the best at thinking outside the box to make a fun background with sentiments like you did.

  13. Looks cute and at the same time very commercial in content. Can see this as both a card and an advertisement. Have sudden craving for Starbucks vanilla latte. Very nice. Thank you for your time, talent and willingness to share your ideas.

  14. Wow! Not only did you use my most favorite things….. Coffee and Misti….but you made a great card and made it look so easy using the Misti. Thank you.

  15. Wow- Fantastic! Seeing how the background gets created was great. Gotta get some Misti corners! What a great idea they are!!!

  16. Wow-Fantastic! Seeing how the background gets created was great.Gotta get some Misti corners! What a great idea they are!

  17. Love the background and coffee drink on your fun card! Great tips and ideas on using the MISTI and the Creative Corners!

  18. OH! I love seeing how you used the MISTI for the fun background! You made it look so easy… Making coffee cards are so much fun… thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Adorable card! Thanks for the great tutorial on how to create your background using the Creative Corners!

  20. Great background! I also love that you showed how to use the add on triangles for tne MISTI!!! I’ve seen them but wasn’t really sure how useful they were until now 🙂

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