Spring Fever!


Woah, it's been 3 whole days since I've stamped! The weather in my area has been unbelievable, with a high today of around 70 degrees!!! I've been keeping myself occupied with yard work…including raking, branch & pine cone pick up, oh and we can't forget tanning! I need to get some color on this body before the cruise! I hope it's as nice in your area as well 🙂

To jump start my creativity I turned to Mary Jo's Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge. I decided to dust off a set I haven't used in SO long, called Garden Greetings. Come to find out I looked in my catalog, and it's not even active anymore…how on earth do I still have this set in my stash? I'm going to have to sort through and make sure I don't have any other retired sets handy!

I figured I'd go for a perky theme today because I'm feeling so perky myself 🙂

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