So do you think this is embarrassing enough to keep my two boys from holding on to the key to the shed, and often losing it?!?!? Aye yi yi, those boys make me crazy sometimes!!

This afternoon they were going to go for a bike ride, and after just a few minutes they were back…you guessed it, the key to the shed was missing (again!)…my older son (Ben – 15 yrs old) had ridden to the convenience store with his friend earlier, and somehow they lost the key along the way…now I'm sure you know that we've had the discussion sooo many times, "don't take the key with you, your brother may need to get in the shed, don't take the key with you, you may lose it", and so on…well per usual, they ignored me and off they went with the key, because walking all the way back in the house to put the key away is just too much work! (the italics mean I'm using my whiny teenager voice haha)…

This is what we used to keep the key on…a red ribbon will be easy to spot right??? Apparently not easy enough to spot when you drop the key on the floor of the convenience store!!


Well, you know stamps can fix anything right?!?! Haha!! I've got the solution…one, this key will probably not fit in their pockets, and two, they would be so mortified if anyone ever saw them with it, there's no way they're taking this thing out of the yard!!! 

I covered some cardboard with dsp, added some die cut butterflies, buttons and ribbons in the least boyish color scheme I could find 🙂 Here's hoping…

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  1. Oh, my gosh. I flip through a hundred (or so) blogs a day so I don’t often comment but I couldn’t resist on this one! You’re BRILLIANT!!!!! Plus, you made me laugh so hard! Thanks for the posting…it was awesome!

  2. oh my goodness you had me roaring about this dilema….I didn’t see where the story was going at first but what a punch line LOL!!!You are one smart cookie, COOKIE!!!!

  3. Problem solving A+ from this former teacher/mom!! Plus a wonderful way to cut down on nagging, whining and disappearing keys. Great solution mom! 🙂 CM2

  4. Great idea. I hope it works for you. I too live in a house full of men including 2 teenagers so I feel your pain!!

  5. I can’t stop laughing!! Parents have to become evil geniuses out of necessity! Cudos to your creative problem solving skills!!!

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