Snow Frame


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Yesterday was a washout here in New England, so what else is a girl to do but stay in and stamp? I was trying to wait for decent weather to take a picture of my frame, but it's still pretty wet & cloudy out so it was difficult to capture the sparkly snow (and NOT capture my reflection in the glass of the frame…then you'd all see my fluffy pink robe and big messy bed-head!). 


I have got a ton of "stuff" in my built-ins in my stamp room, but I didn't have enough of these frames left to actually use for a class, so I decided to make this picture. I had been thinking of this for a while, but didn't know where I'd get a variety of different snowmen to use…so I ended up using the one stamp from the More the Merrier hostess set, stamping it about 4 times, and cutting out different snowmen and tucking them in and out of the S-N-O-W letters. SU! paper snips are THE scissors for this kind of job…oh my those snowmen are detailed little buggers when you start cutting them out! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like it!


16 thoughts on “Snow Frame

  1. I really love this. It’s so nice to be able to create lasting art. Cards are great but this would be better than a gift of flowers…it is forever. Those in no-snow areas would love it most! Great to look at only without any” shovelling” memories!!!

  2. Very cute! I have some leftover frames as well and think this would be a quick, cute project! Ok, maybe not as quick as it is cute but still, I love it. Also love the Serene Snowflakes you randomly stamped around on the background. Jan

  3. I love this picture. I am a big snowman fan. is there anyway you could give me directions for this. I would love to make one.

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