Simple Ornament Holiday Card


Happy Monday stampers! I am excited to share this card with you today…I'm not known as the girl that makes simple cards, actually it's not uncommon for me to create a card that has about 9 layers to it! I had seen this neat frame idea around the web and wanted to give it a whirl…so I made one myself and then it sat on my stamp table for about a week waiting for me to do something with it. While I was organizing the other day, I went to stack up my holiday stamps and instantly spotted the ornament in the Christmas Classics set and knew that's what I would put in my "frame".

I created the miniature bow by coloring some of my Whisper White Taffeta Ribbon with a marker, then I cut a thin strand from it, carefully snipping away any frayed edges. I also added some mini rhinestone brads for a little dimension. 


I also added a little glitter pen to it, and rubbed the glitter around before it dried. I think the Champagne Shimmer Paint would work well for this too!

I'm pleased with the way this turned out, I hope it comes across nicely in the picture! I may have to try the simple route on my cards for a while and see what different things I can come up with…who am I kidding??? I can't keep away from all of those layers…I'll give it a shot once in a while;)

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Simple Ornament Holiday Card

  1. Very pretty card. But how did you not
    get the flower’s in the middle. When you ran it thought? I have not done that before and would love to know how to do it.

  2. I’m the same Kerin…had to make a ‘simple’ card…but you nailed it hun! I love your embossing…leaving the image in the spotlight, and that ornament rocks! Great coloring and nice touch adding the bling!

  3. i love the frame card but i can’t figure out how to do it!
    if you have any tips can you add it to your blog and i will check back to find it!
    thanks so much for your lovey and unique ideas.
    happy stampin’

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