Picnic Parade


I am so excited to be using this adorable stamp set, called Picnic Parade (a hostess set)…because it's so cute, and also because my dear friend Dawn gave it to me 🙂 I mailed this card to Dawn, hopefully it has gotten to her before she sees this on my blog!! 

A quick update on our flooding situation for the many of you that have emailed to ask how I'm doing (thanks!!)…my husband got the permanent sump pump installed, but with the 6" or so of rain we got over the last two days, the water begun seeping in the bottom of the concrete walls. We have been able to keep the water down to a steady 1" layer on the basement floor. (luckily the water is running across the floor into the hole of the sump pump and being pumped out) I'm feeling like our flooding last week was a blessing in disguise, because you would not even believe your eyes if you saw my neighborhood today! My poor neighbors have got drainage ditches draining into their finished basements, "ponds" in their back yards…one neighbor even had the fire department try to pump their back yard water out and into their pool to relieve some of the flooding in their basement! (I wouldn't want to have to try and clean up that pool this spring, but you've got to do what you've got to do to save your house right?!?!)…The rain should be stopping today, and we are due for 3 days of about 70 degree weather so that should help! Thank you all so much for your concern, advice and prayers!! 

I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Picnic Parade

  1. I can’t wait to run to the mailbox and open this Whisper White envelope 🙂 He he he… when I saw this on your blog I was instantly surprised to read that you mailed it to me!! Thank YOU!!
    Glad to hear you’ve got the water situation under control! We’re doing good too… I probably wouldn’t have any water, considering I live at the top of a hill, except for the low spot on the front walk… really should get some fill in and grade it off! Thank god I don’t have it waste deep like some, and others who live on rivers… creeping to their front doors. God Bless them all!

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