Mercy’s Tuesday Sketch Challenge – Well Scripted


Today's sample is for Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge . I think Easter's a little early this year, on April 4th, so I decided to turn this card into an Easter card. Geesh, by looking at the stores while I was out shopping yesterday you'd think Easter is tomorrow…talk about rushing it!!!

I love having my boys home for the week, but they are not the most graceful pair…yesterday they got the "we can't have anything nice" speech after they broke one of the lampshades in the living room…SO, mom got to spend the day hunting for new lampshades (didn't find any that I liked, the ones we had were like that handmade paper you see with fibers and bits of flowers and leaves in them, and I would like to find something similar)…BUT, I'm not wasting another day of my vacation on lampshade hunting, so I'm heading up to the treadmill now and spending the rest of the day stamping and playing cards with the boys (their favorite game right now is Kentucky Rummy). I hope you have a fabulous day, whatever you choose to do!

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