I’ve been tagged!

Uh oh, I opened my email this afternoon to discover that I’ve been tagged by Leslie! I’ve never been tagged before, so I’m a little nervous!! Leslie’s blog can be viewed HERE.  So now you all get to find out 7 random and/or weird facts about me…they’ll all have to be random because there are no weird facts about me 🙂 Yeah, right….

1. I’m addicted to chapstick (Blistex Silk & Shine to be exact!)…I keep probably 7 or 8 of them on hand at all times, I have 3 in my purse and 2 more in the car today…I’m running a little low because we’re on vacation in upstate New York right now!

2. I have 2 boys (ages 12 and 8), but I am so grossed out by all things buggy, slimy or slithery…so NOT the way a mother of boys should be.

3. Remember the Big Buddy long stick of gum you used to be able to buy from the ice cream man? I do, and not fondly…a little friend pushed me over with one in my mouth and I got a free tonsil removal…I think I was 3.

4. I met my husband the first semester of college, and we continued to date all through my college years (the only glitch was that he lived at home and I lived at school!). We’ve been married 14 years this month.

5. My favorite color is purple, my stamp room is purple, the inside of my Coach purse is purple, and that’s why I bought it…even though nobody sees the inside but me!

6. I do not like malls at all…I love shopping online (especially at the Stampin’ Up! website:)…

7. My favorite shopping of all is the day after Thanksgiving with my husband. We get up about 4 am and head for the lines. I’ve got a nice list and plan ready and we’re almost done with our Christmas shopping by 11 a.m. We always have my niece sleep over on Thanksgiving so she’s our live-in babysitter for the night. My husband is so NOT a shopper, and even he has a good time!

Okay, now to tag 7 more bloggers…

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One thought on “I’ve been tagged!

  1. Oh Kerin this is too funny, I must say I’ll have to get more details about the tonsil episode! I am NOT happy you tagged me but I am a good sport and will play along! Byeeee!

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