Flower Pot Gift Box Tutorial

Well I tried my hand at another video today…yikes! It's so weird to listen to myself and watch myself making stuff! If you liked the Flower Pot Gift Box I showed yesterday, check out this video for all the measurements and details.

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14 thoughts on “Flower Pot Gift Box Tutorial

  1. Kerin
    Great tutorial….copied the picture and wrote your step by step instructions so I can duplicate it…
    The only suggestion I have when you make a video again is to slow down your talking because I had to stop it several times to make sure I was getting all the instructions down…espcially the sizes.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  2. Can you please give directions in writing so I can make the box. The video was to fast for me to write all the domensions down aslo a pattern would be helpful TFS

  3. Let me start by saying you do beautiful work. I’ve recently signed up to follow your blog. I just love the flower pot with daisies. I tried to watch the video put it said it was no longer available. Did you take it off. Would you mind sharing the directions? Thanks in advance. D. Newman

  4. just finished my first flower box…your video is so easy to follow…this is wonderful..thanks so much. I think i will fill mine with little mini thank you cards..

  5. Just found your site! You inspired me to make a flower pot right away!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. I don’t ever really post comments, but I am really impressed with your talent! Your directions were clear and helpful. I will be visiting again. Thanks so much. Hugs!

  6. Ohhh I just love it.Great video. I don’t have the big Shot so I was wondering what the size of the scallop circle is.Wondered if I could cut a circle that size and if it would work in the place of the scallop circle?If you could let me know if that would be a good idea.I,m wishing for the bigshot for christmas.Love your site Karen and TFS.Hugs.

  7. I’m excited to try this i just thought this would be a great gift for christmas with pointsetta’s in it for the flowers.I will be making this real soon and thinking of a way to replace the scalloped circle since I don’t own a bigshot.I hope I can come up with a way so i can make this.Ohhh I am so excited for this video and your site.Thanks Karen.

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