Double-Slider Box



I'm so excited to finally share this project with you!! I was asked to create a sample and tutorial for Sudsol (a website for Stampin' Up! demonstrators) for this fabulous project called a Double-Slider Box…when you pull the tab, a card comes out the top and a box holding Hershey Nuggets comes out the bottom!



I know I normally share any ideas/tutorials for free here on my blog…but I'll tell you what, this project took me a LOT of hours of work and practice to get it right.

If you would like the pdf, you can order your very own copy here for only $3.95.(it's 13 pages long with the box templates and pictures of every step!) You can use the Paypal link below, and you'll receive your pdf shortly after payment.

2 thoughts on “Double-Slider Box

  1. Wowza Kerin, that is so neat! I can only imagine how much time that too you to design/create! I’ve not seen anything like it, and I really love those colors! : )

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