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I just realized that although we've been back 2 weeks, I haven't really shown you any of the pictures from the Stampin' Up! cruise, except for the goodies SU! gave us. I have to say I think it was the BEST vacation we have ever taken in our lives. Our boys had a blast, especially with the bit of freedom we gave them to explore the ship, oh how I miss it already!! First I'm going to show you my two favorite pictures. The first one is obviously my husband Jeff and I, and this was taken before our dinner with Dale Fillmore, the president of Stampin' Up! (very exciting!!)


Next we have a family picture, Ben & Nick are 14 and 10…notice how tall they are getting!! My goodness Ben's already taller than me, and I'm going to be looking up to both of them in no time!!


Here's a picture of the boys in the hallway, overlooking the center of the ship…boy oh boy this ship was amazing!!


In St. Lucia we were on a tour to a waterfall the boys swam in, and they picked up some coconuts from the ground. Our guide cracked them open and we all drank the liquid and ate the coconut…YUM! Last week we were at the grocery store and Nick asked me to buy a coconut, so we did…SO not like the fresh ones, yuck!!


In St. Maarten we went on the coolest tour! We went out in a boat to a coral reef, and once we got out there we all went down to the lower deck, which was all glass! They had a scuba diver swim out with a giant can of sardines to lure all sorts of fish around us. Amazing!! We saw a barracuda, sea turtles, star fish, plus all of these gorgeous fish!


The boys' favorite spot was the sports deck. They were up there all the time!! Ben met a friend, Mick (the son of France Martin, a fabulous demonstrator I met on the trip), and they had a great time hanging out together!! It was so funny, because it was so hot one day, and the boys were playing ping pong non-stop, and after every 15 minutes or so they would go down to the self-serve frozen yogurt machine and get a treat to cool off…I think they said they had 6 or 7 ice creams that day!!! Something they would never get away with at home!!


I guess that's all for today! Aaaaah, to think of the fun we had!! Thank you Stampin' Up! and my wonderful, loyal customers for making this trip a reality for us!! I still can't believe the amazing life-long friends I've made through my stamping business 🙂 Life is good….

4 thoughts on “Cruise Pictures

  1. what a wonderful memory for all four of you. Ben is so handsome and grown up! Wow where does the time go. Nick is still a cutie but it won’t be long before he breaks some hearts too! tfs~Donna C

  2. i love reading about your trip! makes me want to cry it sounded so memorable 🙂 and of course they wouldn’t get away with 6-7 ice creams in one day because if you had to pay for them…. $$$$$ Oooo-wee! And your pic with hubby is so cute it’s like 2 kids in love at the prom!!!! fabulous!!

  3. Kerin so sweet of you putting my web… Mick did say many time since we are back wish Ben would be close by and ask when is the next stamping thing can we go….. Love ypour picture and hope to see you at convention!
    Take care France

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