Alcohol Reinker Technique



Happy Monday! I haven't used this technique in SO long!! Once I discovered it years ago, I was using it on everything, but I guess I forgot about it…until I saw a card that used it the other day (somewhere in blog land, no clue where it was or I'd link to it. It was very beautiful, with butterflies on it)…anyway, it jogged my memory and I wanted to give it another shot. Hmmm, I'm not crazy about how this turned out actually! I used to use cotton balls, and I didn't have any, and of course I wanted to try it right away and had no patience to actually drive to the store and get cotton balls, so I tried it with Stamping Sponges. I poured rubbing alcohol on the sponge, dropped a few dots of reinker on it, and off I went. Normally I'd add a few different colors to each cotton ball, but I had a feeling they would mix too much on the sponge so I kept them separate. I used Barely Banana, Pumpkin Pie & Ruby Red. The stamp set is Upsy Daisy.

I don't think I've ever? made a card with nothing on it but stamping, no buttons, no ribbon, no tag, no nothin'! I kept trying to add stuff to it, but then I'd take it off, and finally decided I like it better plain. I think it would make a nice sympathy card.

Hope your week starts out great! How about trying a technique you haven't used in a while? Want to try LOTS of things you probably haven't tried before?!?!? Hop on over to Create with Connie & Mary and sign up…it's not too late!! We're in our last week, but the website will still be available after the conclusion, so you'll have access to all of the fabulous projects & step-by-step tutorials!!

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3 thoughts on “Alcohol Reinker Technique

  1. This card is beautiful! That is a technique I haven’t learned yet, so I will have to give it a try, but I will have to get some cotton balls! 🙂 TFS a new idea!

  2. I really like that technique. I will have to try it, when I get my Stampin Up room straighten-out. Thanks for sharing.

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