Abundant Hope Easel Card


Wow, so sorry I was MIA most of last week…the dreaded stomach bug tore through our house this week…ugh! The only reason my husband escaped the bug is because he's been working in NY, MA and probably NH next due to the massive power outages from the two huge storms this week…I know the poor guy is exhausted, but I keep reminding him how lucky he is not to be here!!!

I'm finally feeling back to normal today, yippee! The only good thing about the bug is I lost another 3 pounds with no treadmill involved lol!! Back to the grind today though 🙂

Remember my gorgeous birthday card my friend Robin sent me? Today I thought I'd show you the card I sent back to her as a thank you…I knew I could never compete with Robin's card, but I had been wanting to stamp something special for her, and I had never seen her make an easel card, so I thought maybe this would be a cool new design for her to copy. 

Thanks for stopping by! Make it a great day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Abundant Hope Easel Card

  1. This card IS really BEAUTIFUL!. I have wanted to make an easel card, but I didn’t think I would get it right, but this is not only beautiful, but a true inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your tallent with me!

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