Wood Block Ornaments

I just finished making these wood block ornaments today and I think they’re adorable! They’re 2" blocks, and they’re not even that heavy. I covered them with designer paper, Wintergreen for one and Fall Flowers for the other. I chose the paper based on the clothes the kids were wearing in their school pictures…my husband will tell you what a pain I am about everything needing to match! Luckily I have SU with all coordinating colors, because when we used to buy cards and wrapping paper we’d be at the store forever, trying to match the card to the wrapping paper to the bow…he dreaded going with me!

These are my two boys, they’re cuties aren’t they? My youngest son is Nicholas and he’s 8. Here’s his ornament:


My older son is Ben and he’s 12. Here’s his ornament:


I used the Punch Pals set for the sides that don’t have the pictures. I made these for my mom and I’ll make another set for myself.

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