Werther’s Chocolate Box Measurements

Yesterday I showed you the box I made with Werther's oval-shaped chocolates that fit perfectly under our Oval Scallop Punch. Today I've got the measurements for you if you'd like to make one of your own. Sorry I didn't get it posted yesterday, I had some unexpected company and ran out of time…we did have a nice visit though!

Boy there were LOTS of comments on my blog yesterday, you girls really want that free pass to Create with Connie & Julie!! I don't blame you one bit, it's a GREAT program filled with tons of awesome ideas!! So today is Monika's turn to give away a free pass and of course she has a darling project on her blog, and how about that adorable project on the Create with Connie & Julie site this morning??? SO cute!

Back to the measurements…when you put the box together, keep in mind that the bottom of the box slides in and out of the top of the box…so when you adhere the top "wrapper" shut, don't squeeze it too tightly or you will not be able to slide out the box!

***Click on the images to enlarge:

Bottom of Box:


Top of Box:


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3 thoughts on “Werther’s Chocolate Box Measurements

  1. Thank you so much! I can’t believe all the ideas these two ladies have! They totally ROCK! :0) Thank you so much!!!

  2. I tried these measurements and it just did not work for me. The cover would not work for me. I cut my card stock a little larger and scored it differently and I got it to work. Thanks for the tutorial.

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