Watercolor Rose Box

Good morning! My friend Danielle is a Mary Kay Consultant, and last week she asked me to make her a few "facial boxes"…now I don't really know what a facial box is, but I know how to make boxes, so I was happy to help out. She requested it have pink on it, and also that included either bumble bees or roses…roses did you say??? Woohoo! My new favorite thing to make is roses, so I was ALL over it!!

You can see some of my other rose creations HERE and HERE, with a bit of instruction at the bottom of the first post. They're so easy, you should really try them for yourself!

Here's what I came up with:


Danielle loved them, and I have a few more to make for her. I spent this weekend prepping the scrappin' kits to go out today, and also getting ready for my upcoming club nights this week..fun fun!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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