Today is my Birthday!

Wow, what a fun day today has been already! I've received lots of cards and goodies, and my hubby is taking me out to dinner shortly, so I thought I'd share at least the cards with you today (plus the pretty cake he brought home too).

First the cake…my favorite color is purple, can you tell?


A card from my son Ben…how about that patterned paper made out of fingerprints? Pretty inventive I thought!


A card from my son Nicholas. He was so funny when he came into my stamp room and kindly asked me to "get out so he can make me a card"…then when he finally came out he said "you're welcome"…I said "for what, you didn't give me my card yet?"…He said, "for getting you out of there, you needed some time out of that room!" Nice huh? He even found himself a birthday stamp set to use on the inside (Bitty Birthday if you're curious)…and I know some of you are GASPING right now, because you know he used my Stampin' Up! markers to color in all these letters…me too…I haven't looked at them yet because I want today to be a happy day *wink*


From Christine (mmmm…cocktails!) :


From Donna (another perfect bow! and I also got a beautiful package of personalized goodies stamped by Donna when I got home from work today, I'll share all that with you another day!):


From Mom & Dad (love that glitter!):


From Lisa:


If you knew my boys, you would know that the gifts they gave me are treasured…ROCKS! Ben gave me the heart-shaped one, and Nick gave me the two purple ones:


Off to a delicious dinner, don't you find that everything is more delicious when you are not the one that had to cook it? I DO!!

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

9 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday!

  1. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOu!!! I didn’t know today was your day, I will remember it for NEXT year!! I hope your birthday was as special as you are!

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