Thanks Grace!

Good morning stampers! We had some of the neighbors over last night to play games…have you ever played that game called "Mad Gab"? It's SO fun! Of course the men didn't think it was as much fun as the women did, because the teams were girls against boys and we creamed 'em!!

The kids were all playing in the playroom downstairs, but our friends' daughter Grace (who is 13 and LOVES to craft), played in my stamp room all night…she had the radio on the computer blasting and was having a great time in there by herself! All of the other kids were boys, so really, can you blame her???

Anyway, here's a card she created. I love the color combo she picked, and also the sweet little stem to her flower, and of course the glitter!

Thanks Grace for creating my morning blog post so I can now go clean the boys' rooms…I think 😉


I'm hoping the cleaning won't take ALL day, and I'll be back later with some stamping I've done…we'll see!

2 thoughts on “Thanks Grace!

  1. Thanks for sharing Graces card. Not only was she channeling her inner artist but I’m thinking she may be an SU demo in formation.
    With a game named Mad Gab did those silly boys really think they had a chance! 😀
    Sounds like fun.

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