RAK from Robin

If you’ve never heard of a RAK before, it’s stamping lingo for a Random Act of Kindness…well that’s just what I was treated to last night! The girls came over for my Priceless class, and Robin brought me a gift to thank me for everything she’s learned in our Stamper’s Club, which will be ending in August. Don’t worry girls, another one will be starting up in September (2nd Monday of every month). Anyway, I was completely surprised, and what a beautiful gift it was!


First of all, you have got to check out this bag with matching card (and even the envelope matched!!). Isn’t this adorable? Robin used the Bud Basics set, and shows us why we have GOT to get this set before it retires August 10th! She also used Fun & Fast notes for the little bird stamp. I would’ve been happy with just the bag! But, lucky me there was a gift inside too! Robin made me this adorable little note pad holder with Ginger Blossom designer paper, Groovy Guava ribbon, and River Rock card stock. It even has a matching beaded pen!



Robin, if you’re reading this (and I know you are!!), I can’t thank you enough for such a special treat! Thanks, and I’ll look forward to stamping with you for a long time to come!!

5 thoughts on “RAK from Robin

  1. This is an amazing gift – how special you must have felt to receive this!!
    Please hop on over to my blog when you get a chance to pick up the special award I’ve given to you!!

  2. The more I look at the Bud Basics stuff, the more I wished I hadn’t just placed my last order until the new cattie comes out!
    I am bestowing a few awards I received onto your wonderful blog! If you’d like to see 7 random facts about me, visit my blog! Play along if you like…

  3. Kerin,
    I hope this shows you just how much you are appreciated! We ALL love what you do to inspire us. Robin, was a sweetheart to put so much thought and effort into such a lovely gift. CONGRATULATIONS on having such WONDERFUL customers, and fabulous friends~

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