New Stampin’ Classroom


So sorry I've been missing the last couple of days, but it's for a good reason! We've been busily working on my new stampin' classroom 🙂 It was such a busy weekend, with my younger son starting fall baseball, installing the carpet (which I did, I know you're shocked!!), painting the hallway to the room and setting it up.

We were so anxious to get it finished, because normally my husband goes and hides in the bedroom while the girls are here and he really wanted to watch the Patriots game in the living room last night on the
big flat screen tv without all the women being loud in the next room! Yay! I should plan more projects that revolve around him getting to watch a Pats game in peace, he worked SO hard to get this room done in time!!

I think my favorite part is the 8' fluoresent light on the ceiling! We used to meet in my dining room, with a stained glass hanging light…not the best for seeing score lines! Those days are over baby! I've still got a few more things to do…I'm going to add a couple of shelves so that I can keep things in the room that I always use for classes, like grid paper, catalogs, order forms,  etc., plus maybe apply some Decor Elements to the walls and spruce the place up a bit!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back later with a card, promise!

3 thoughts on “New Stampin’ Classroom

  1. I love it Kerin…makes me wish even more we lived closer! You can tell you buys worked really hard on it, it turned out great. And yes, you should definitely spruce up those walls w/some Decor Elements!

  2. What a great room! I am working on one for myself and I am wondering if the room will be large enough. What are the dimensions of your room? I would love to see the picture of it all spruced up!!!!
    I hope that I get my room too!

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