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Okay, so I just said in my last post that I didn't know when I'd get to taking pictures of my new stamp room, but I quickly realized that if I actually do all of the work I've got on my plate this week I won't dare take pictures because my room will be such a mess!! Sooo, I decided to take pictures before the mess, because this is probably about the cleanest this room will be…ever!

Here's a pic of the whole room (as much as I could get in the picture), then I'll give a little tour starting from the door and working my way around:

It's so bright in my new room, and I don't have a clock yet (the one that was in there made a clicking noise every second and it was driving me NUTS!)…so lately I've been staying up WAY too late because I have no clue what time it is!!

Okay, next to the door on the left side I have this cool shelf I picked up at IKEA last week to hold *some* of my stamp sets:

Next to the shelf on the counter I have my dsp, I don't know if it will actually stay here, but it's accessible but still out of the way:

This is the wall to the left of my work area, lots of punches and ribbon 🙂


This is where I work. Jeff built the counters at perfect height for me, because I like to stand while I stamp. I've got my computer in the corner, and my tv 🙂

I love this next section! I picked up a top of a desk at IKEA last week too, and the center is a magnetic board. I attached button magnets to the back of all of my button/brad/clip containers with Crystal Effects. I also have more stamp sets here, these are the ones I use more often, plus my favorite Big Shot stuff.

Next we have the extra counter top. I have a pretty good amount of room when the girls come over to stamp, I just clear off all of the counter, and pull out the stools (they fold up to store in a smaller space, but for now I can just leave them under the counter…you know it will be no time before I've got the space under the counter full too!):

Last but not least is my paper storage and more shelves:

So thanks for stopping by and visiting my new stamp room, I hope you like it, I sure do!!


10 thoughts on “New Stamp Room

  1. Yahoo Karin…..Is this your new space in Arizona? Amazing space an SO PRETTY. If your relocated in Arizona, I would LOVE to invite you to our SaddleBrooke Stampers group that meets the second Wednesday afternoon of the month….AND…..our SW SU demonstrators group that meets the second Tuesday PM of every month. Hope you are getting all settled in (Stop by Idlewind Lane if you get the time and say HI).

  2. Wow your room is fabulous.
    Mine is still a work in progress after 3 years! It’s in my “unfinished work in progress basement” but I DO LOVE it. I like that I can stop in the middle of something and NOT have to clean everything up right in the middle of project like I did have to when I used my kitchen/dining area. Anyway….. Soooooo happy for you!

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