Mother’s Day Gift

My sister picked up a great box at the Christmas Tree Shop for me a few weeks ago. She thought I might be able to use it for something SU related or alter it because it was such a neat box for a really good price. It was covered with a kind of velvety yellow paper. I didn’t know if I wanted to attempt it because it was such a pretty box, but I can’t resist turning everything into something SU! I finally decided to rip off that paper and see if I could turn it into a stamping project! It was like peeling wallpaper, but I finally got all that velvety paper off. I covered the box with some pretty SU paper, and I used organdy and grosgrain ribbon too. I made a bunch of cards to go inside. My mom has told me many times how she just needs all occasion cards, so I only made 4 birthday, 2 sympathy and 2 thank you’s, the other 12 had no words.



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