More Country Living Ornaments


I was playing with my Country Living kit again today, and I was thinking…I love the little picture frames, but I only wanted to make  one for each of my boys, so what to do with the rest? Then while prepping for my Stamper's Club tomorrow I was using the adorable Merry & Bright stamp set and thought how perfectly those little images would fit in the picture frames! So as soon as I got done prepping (yup, I'm done early!! *Shock*), I decided to make one and see how it came out. The snowman in that set is just the cutest, so that's what I made. Interested in the Country Living Kit? Check it out here: Download Country_Living_08.pdf, then you can order it online HERE! (click on shop now in the top right corner)

I may have gone a *little* overboard with the glitter, but I like it that way…just my .02, but you really can't have too much glitter 🙂


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