Mojo Monday

I actually made the Mojo Monday challenge on Monday two weeks in a row…and now that's out the window! I'm back to at least Tuesday I guess! This week has been crazy! Don't you hate when life gets in the way of stamping time? More details on the craziness below my card if you're interested 🙂

Here's the sketch:


And here's my card:


So yesterday should have been spent finishing our state taxes (YES, they're due tomorrow!) My husband worked in 4 different states last year, because he works on power lines and goes to other states to work after hurricanes, ice storms, etc….so needless to say they were not the easiest to complete! So I said they should have gotten done right? This is where the monkey wrench gets thrown in…my little one Nicholas, who is 9 but almost as tall as me, so not so little but I call him my little one anyway :), is at a friend's house and a giant basketball hoop from their driveway falls ON his hand! Yep, you got it, trip to the ER for us! Long story short, it's not broken *phew*, and I pull in the driveway about the same time my stamper's club girls are arriving! All I can say is thank goodness I was prepped and ready for them!

Needless to say, no blog posting or taxes for me!! On the bright side, his hand is bruised and swollen but feeling better (he's already bugging me to be able to participate in phys. ed. tomorrow!), and our taxes are done and ready to mail out tomorrow, by the skin of my teeth! Life is good again…actually life will be REAL good when this week is over and it's school vacation!

Thanks for stopping by, be back tomorrow…promise 🙂

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