Mercy’s Tuesday Sketch Challenge


I'm so happy to have been able to squeeze in a little bit of stamping today! I'll tell you, it's been crazy busy around here, it seems like every day is just non-stop lately! I'm sure you can relate!! Our Stampin' Up! Caribbean Cruise is coming up in April, so last night we finally went to apply for our passports (the whole family had to go since we need them for the boys too, so we needed to go on a night that Daddy was home before the town hall closed!)…and of course we discovered that Jeff's and my birth certificates were not usable for a passport application (silly reasons, but hey what can we do?)…SO, today after work I got to drive around fetching new ones for us both! Nick has baseball tonight for a couple of hours, I already got in my hour of treadmill for the day, and I had a whole hour and a half free! Of course I wasn't going to "waste" that time cleaning and doing laundry haha!! 

I went for the Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge today, a pretty straight forward layout, so I wanted to add a little pop…I cut out some of the flowers from the Shades of Spring dsp and rolled the edges. I added a couple of buttons, a decorative edge, some ribbon and that's all folks!


Hope you have a fabulous night! Btw, for all of you that emailed asking about my WW progress…I'm down 15 pounds and it was 3 weeks ago on Monday that I started. Thanks for asking!

6 thoughts on “Mercy’s Tuesday Sketch Challenge

  1. This is a great spring card…I almost feel it getting warmer out! Something quick and easy! Great job, I love this card!

  2. I liked this card so much I decided to copy it exactly. Of course it took me about an hour of staring at my paper to figure out how you cut the DSP :)) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. OMG! I {heart} this card so much! Gorgeous and so creative! Wow!
    I feel your pain about the passports – we still need to get Emma’s and your mention of yours was a great reminder!
    Congrats on the WW loss, I’m back on it again after putting on a few lbs. over Christmas – uggh!

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