Magnetic Butterfly Clip

Today I thought I’d show you how to make a magnetic butterfly clip that I recently made for a 3d swap. You can buy these heavy duty clips at Staples, I think I may have paid about $4 or $5 for 3 clips, but it was a few weeks ago so I don’t quite remember. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • card stock and/or designer paper of your choice
  • watercolor paper
  • Touch of Nature stamp set
  • Black Staz-On ink
  • Aquapainter
  • Lovely Lilac and Not Quite Navy classic stamp pads
  • Crystal Effects
  • Rub-Ons (I used Eastern Elegance)
  • 2-Way Glue Pen and Dazzling Diamonds for the glitter if preferred (don’t tell me there are people out there who may prefer no glitter!!!)


First you’ll want to cut your card stock to the size of the clip (1-13/16 x 2-1/16"), but you don’t have to be too specific on the bottom layer of card stock because you can always flip the clip over and trim the edges off. I adhered my card stock to my clip just using my ATG gun…you’re pretty much going to fill in the edges with Crystal Effects, which we all know holds everything, so you don’t have to be too worried about it falling apart.

Next you can adhere your Rub-Ons. You want to apply your Rub-Ons before the Crystal Effects, so they’ll be completely covered and you won’t have to worry about them rubbing off. (I ran out of black rub-ons after completing all my swaps, so I used white today)


You can now coat your entire top of your clip with Crystal Effects. Be very careful to use the CE also on the edges to basically seal the card stock right to the clip. As you’ll see in this picture, while it dries you want to have it propped up to keep it level, so you don’t wind up with a big puddle of CE at the bottom of the clip! The waiting to dry is the toughest part because I’m not big on patience…I did try to hit it with the heat gun before to speed up the drying process, but if you’re not careful it will get all bubbly, and then you’ll basically have to pry off the mess and start over…so I guess patience works better for this step!

Next, I stamped my butterfly from Touch of Nature in Black Staz-On on watercolor paper, then used my aquapainter and stamp pads to watercolor them…you can be pretty sloppy with this step since you’re cutting out the butterfly anyway, no need to stay within the lines!

Next you’ll cut out your butterfly very carefully, and apply your 2-way glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds glitter just to the edges of the wings.


Now you can coat your butterfly with Crystal Effects. I placed my butterfly on wax paper so if any of the CE got off the edges it wouldn’t be stuck to my stamp table/grid paper. Wait for it to dry (again more patience needed…ugh….)


Once your butterfly and clip are dry, you can bend up your butterfly wings gently, so that it looks like it’s landing on the clip. Then I applied a little Crystal Effects to the body of the butterfly and placed him on my clip…again…you guessed it…wait to dry…and finally you’re done!


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