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There has been so much talk about all these mini magazine holders lately, that when I visited IKEA last weekend with my sister and I spotted these I knew I wanted to make some REAL magazine holders! I hope you like how they came out…I'm pretty pleased with them myself 🙂 The colors of the Good Morning Sunshine dsp SO do not match my stamp room, but I wanted something perky and cute for my desk…maybe it will give me the urge to do paperwork??? Doubtful, but it was a good though anyway!

I used the Tombow mono multi to adhere my paper to the holder. I applied the glue, then put a whole sheet of 12×12 dsp over it, starting at the top…the dsp is about 1/2" too short for these, hence the ribbon at the bottom! Then I just flipped it over onto my stamp table and ran my xacto knife along the edge to cut off the excess paper, sanded the edges, then applied Chocolate Chip classic ink to the edges with a sponge. The ribbon is actually being held onto the bottom with sticky strip. These were so easy! I can't remember the price of the holders at IKEA, maybe $3 or 4? That's a complete guess, but I know it wasn't much or I wouldn't have bought them 😉



Here's what they looked like before I added all my "stuff"…excuse the mess on my stamp table please!


Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you tomorrow! (or maybe later today if I get REAL productive!!

3 thoughts on “Magazine Holders

  1. I love these magazine holders you made. I think I will have to pick some of them up & try this. Thanks for sharing! They look absolutely fun!!

  2. I so need an Ikea closer to me! I am about to re-do my home office/stamp room and these would be perfect in Raspberry Tart! I feel a road trip coming on! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are great! I have to ask, where did you get your ink pad/reill/pen holder you have all your inks in? That is a great way to store everrything all in one place! i luv it!!

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