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The girls were coming over last night for the last meeting of our Anything BUT a Card club, so I wanted to make them a special treat as a "thank you" for being in the club for the last 10 months. I remembered I had seen the cutest JOY sign somewhere, and the Sweet Treat Cups were used as the "O"…think I could remember where I had seen it???? Of course not! I had to go on what I "remembered" them looking like…or maybe you could say "didn't remember" because mine isn't even in the same direction as hers lol!!

I knew she had also made some sort of slider to get the candies out without having to ruin the whole project, but for the life of me couldn't figure out how she did it…so I had to come up with my own contraption.

By the time I was almost done making them, I knew I wanted to share them on my blog, which meant I really needed to figure out where I saw them…it's only right to credit the person that gave you the inspiration…so I went back through my google reader and found it…it didn't take too long because once I saw the list of blogs I follow I had a feeling it was over at Patti's blog…boy if I had known I would find it so easily I would have just copied hers!!! HERE's the post with her original creation. 

Here's how I made mine…

Cut dsp to 2-3/4 x 7-1/2", cut background CS to 3×7-3/4", then adhere them at the top and bottom with Dotto (if you've never used Dotto, it's a temporary adhesive, so you can put things together to punch them perfectly lined up and then take them apart if you need to), then punch in the center with the 1-3/4" Circle Punch.



Flip it over and punch the side with the Slit Punch as shown, then slide your filled Sweet Treat Cup in between the two layers. I created a "flap" to keep the back closed and then they can open it up to get out the candy.



The flap is a 2-1/2" square piece of CS, then I scored on one side for it to fold open easily, roughly at 1/4" and taped on at the scored section.


Next, flip it back over and lift up the dsp and put permanent adhesive in place to hold it for good. I lifted up one side, adhered it down, then went on to the other side instead of trying to line the whole thing up at once, which never seems to work for me!!


Patti also showed the easiest way to make the holly, so check her out! Here they are all finished:


One thought on “JOY Sweet Treat Hanger

  1. What adorable, sweet, unique gifts Kerin! I wish I lived closer and was a part of your group! Very nicely done : )
    Hope you have a great weekend friend : )

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