I Stamped!


Okay, I know it's been quite some time since I've posted. I hope you all understand what a crazy time of year this is!! On top of all the "normal" stuff, my husband has been gone for 12 days now…for those of you who don't know, he works on power lines and with the recent ice storm here in the Northeast, he has been working his tail off for 16-18 hours a day trying to help restore power to the thousands still out. I will not complain one bit, because I can't even imagine the holidays upon us with no light or heat, I just can't take time for blogging when I need to be out snowblowing, wrapping, cooking, etc., so sorry!! I hope to get back to normal next week when life slows down a bit.

Back to the stamping…I made this little bag and box this evening. I was so lucky that my dad called and invited the boys out shopping and for dinner so I could wrap! Each package is for one of my boys…and inside each one is a ticket to Blue Man Group for Christmas!! They are going to be so thrilled, especially my 13 year old who plays the drums in the middle school band (and also plays on his set at home, the reason why we're in the middle of making a room in the basement with sound buffering insulation!!)

3 thoughts on “I Stamped!

  1. love your newest stamped items! I know it has been a long haul these last 12 days but you are right…those linemen are helping so many people. Talk soon. and love checking your blog.

  2. Kerin ((hugs)) to you for being Mom, and Dad, while he is away… I know you are working very hard! The box and bag are awesome! the gift inside is pretty nice too, but I can say I’ve been to Blue Man Group already, so I’m going to gush over the Designer Paper… it looks so nice with all the matching cardstock colors! Have a Very merry Christmas- will hubby be home in time?!

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