I know that any demonstrators out there who have gone to convention will totally be able to relate to this post! You know how overwhelmed you were at convention with so many ideas, and things you just had to make? Well, last year being my first convention, I was completely overflowing with ideas by the time I got home! If I look back through my notes and pictures, I’m sure there are still things I wanted to make that I haven’t gotten to yet.

Well one of the ideas I had seen was to make a sign out of a simple magnetic knife rack, using our build-a-brads. I finally got around to making one a few weeks ago. I got the knife rack at IKEA for about $6. Then, I stamped the letters of the words I wanted and punched them out with the 1/2" circle punch. I assembled my words in the build-a-brads, then cut off the brad part, so that they were flat on the back. I spelled out the words "Imagine, Create, Share" for my sign. Now I just have to bug Jeff to put it up for me!

The best part is that they’re removable, since they’re only held on by the magnetism of the knife rack. What a cute idea for a child’s room, with maybe their name and a couple of pictures?

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  1. Very cool magnetic sign!! I also loved these at convention, but alas have not gotten around to making one! Good job! Lisa

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