Guess That Operator Revealed & Blog Candy Winner!

Wow, what fun we've had this week with the Guess That Operator game at Stamping 411!! If you haven't been by to check it out yet, you can catch up on our game in the post from last Friday night HERE.

Here's the card I posted which was NOT made by me:

If you haven't guessed yet, this card was actually made by Tiffany! Boy, the guesses were all over the place!

Here's the card I actually made (posted on Tiffany's blog):

I was being a little tricky, using lots of white & a double bow like Lee usually does to try and throw you off my trail 🙂

Okay, so onto the blog candy, I used, and I kept selecting a random # until that person made the correct guess of Tiffany.

Here we go:

and #50 is…

I'm guessing Tiffany. But, boy is this hard.

Posted by: Lisa B. | April 24, 2011 at 11:06 PM

Hooray! Lisa, you're the new owner of a brand new Because I Care level 1 hostess set! Send me a quick email with your address and I'll mail it right out 🙂

Be sure and check out who made all of the other cards, this game was tricky!!

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