Gettin’ a little crafty, and other news :(

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted anything, I don't even know where to begin. I think the last time I posted it was June, smack-dab in the middle of our chaotic baseball season and I was wondering how I would ever fit stamping into my schedule again…here we are four months later, things have calmed down in the baseball department, but I still haven't really been stamping.

First and foremost, we lost my mom on September 19th. She struggled with COPD for years and finally gave up her fight to breathe. It's been really hard adjusting to life without her. I don't really know what else to say, other than I'm still struggling with the thought of never seeing her again, and my kids not knowing "Grammy" as they grow up into the young men they're becoming.

On the bright side, my dad had his kidney out this summer, and with his most recent PET scan, there is not a trace of the lymphoma he had before his first two rounds of chemo treatment. He will still have two more very aggressive rounds of chemo (I believe 5 days straight each, a month apart), because the type of lymphoma he has/had can return even more aggressive than it previously was, so the doctors want to take every precaution to prevent that from happening.

Dealing with my parents' health issues, especially over the last, year has been a very trying time. To be honest with you, it really brought the importance of family and the unimportance of everything else to light. Jeff and I have been taking the boys camping every chance we get, working on projects around the house together, and just enjoying our family time.

In a nutshell, I don't know if I'm going to get into stamping again. We'll see what the winter brings, but for now, I just have no urge to be in my stamp room alone. I used to cherish that quiet time by myself, but for right now I don't feel that way.

However! I did have the urge to make a cute little Halloween treat for Connor & Grace (my niece & nephew that came over for a visit recently), and here it is:

Can you tell what it's made out of? It's a little terra cotta pot, painted black and tipped upside down on the bottom, then a bowl in the middle, glued on with Crystal Effects, then the terra cotta dish that would sit under the pot for the top, with a wooden knob for the handle. I saw them on Pinterest and had to make them myself! I guess I haven't completely lost the crafty bug, so we'll see what happens 🙂

Well thanks for stopping by, and also to those who have been loyally checking my blog since I disappeared. Hope to be back soon 🙂



16 thoughts on “Gettin’ a little crafty, and other news :(

  1. Kerin, Thanks for the update & I have missed you. I am sorry for all the troubles you have had, but you are right, it makes one re-examine what is important. The times you share with your kids are experiences you can never get back, so make the most of them!
    Your Halloween treat jar is just adorable! So clever. I may have to try it! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  2. Kerin, so very to hear of the loss of your Mother…but she is no longer suffering, you will always miss her. Glad to hear the good news of your Dad. Keep your chin up and your mojo will return when you least expect it. Prayers coming your way.

  3. It’s so good to hear from you again. I certainly understand what you are talking about. Sometimes we don’t know why things happen but they do and for that we become more aware of what is really important.
    You have a lot to deal with and it takes time to adjust but I hope when you do….you will share your talents with all of us.
    Love this little jar….how adorable

  4. Thanks for the update I really missed you.Iam so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.I lost mine in March of this year.It was really hard on Mother’s Day and her birthday,and realizing those are things I won’t be doing again for her. I found that my card making really helped me cope.My prayers are with you at this time of sorrow and changes.

  5. Kerin, so sorry hear of all the chaos in your life…. Hopefully things will calm down for you soon. I loved the treat jar you created… absolutely darling…. We will all be here when you are able to come back. I’ve found my stamping to be quite therapeutic.. hugsssss coming your way…..

  6. Dear Kerin, You are in my thoughts and prayers. It was really nice to have you back for a little bit. Very cute project–love the jar contents. Hope to hear from you soon. Hugs from Maine.

  7. Kerin, Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! You are so correct in saying “family’ is most important! Enjoy your boys before they are completely grown! I will keep your Dad in my prayers and am sorry sorry for the loss of your Mother. I don’t know what I would do without mine. I cherish every moment with her. Take care of yourself! Love your project! TFS

  8. Hi Kerin…I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your Mom…it’s been 3 years for me…I just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. Don’t worry about not stamping…lots of things get set aside until you can find your balance again and your favourite things will always wait until you’re ready to do them.
    I love the litte Halloween treat…so cute, I might have to case it! Thanks for sharing!
    Big hugs from Canada

  9. Kerin…I am so sorry about your loss. And you have had a lot to deal with concerning your dad. You have my prayers and best wishes. You may find that doing something with your hands can be healing. I found that to be true when my son died. It is also true that perspective changes…what was important may seem very trivial.
    Your little treat jar is very cute! I can also see a snow globe here.

  10. HELLO KERIN!!! I was so excited to see your post! You have been in my thoughts & prayers for a while now AND you know I understand what something like this does to your life. Pray, Breathe, and take one day – one moment even – at a time.
    And this little goodie is so cute! I agree with someone else above – I can see a snowglobe here. {{HUGS)) Luv ya girl!

  11. Hi Kerin! I love your halloween treat – so clever! I miss seeing your posts. Huge hugs on the loss of your Mom. It will get better with time. It most important for you to take care of yourself and your family right now. It will be four years for my Mom in December and I miss her every day.
    Take care,
    Christine 🙂

  12. KERIN! I just saw that you are posting a little again. I am glad that you are doing well yourself. I am sorry for your loss. It is a big transition. I am not sure of your beliefs, but in my religion, we believe that we will see our loved ones again and that has always brought me comfort. This is not the end…
    I am glad your dad is doing well. Chemo is such a hard thing to go through. My mom had to do it for Breast Cancer, my grandfather did it, and now my Aunt is going through it. Very hard on the spirit. I am sure he will do great and hopefully nothing returns.
    I love the candy dishes you made. Those are just AWESOME! I can’t wait to get to the store and find some glass bowls to try this with!

  13. I really like this project. It’s a really clever idea.
    I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom. The pain eases but the memories are always there. It’s great you are making special memories with your family; time flies by so quickly and kids are grown and gone before you know it. I pray your dad gets a clean bill of health after his round of treatments. So nice to see you blogging again.

  14. Hi Kerin – so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, and your dad’s health issues. That is definitely a lot to try and handle/comprehend at once, but it’s great that you have such a close family there to support you. Don’t forget to take you time and take care of yourself, too. Hope this holiday season is as happy as can be. Hugs from NC!!

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