Fabulous Friday!!

Selenes 2 I have to tell you about THE best night I had last night!!! My friend and fellow Stamping 411 Operator Robin came up to our area for the weekend for her daughter Emma's skating competition, but the part of Massachusetts she would be in was pretty far from my house. Robin had emailed me and asked if we could meet up at some point over the weekend, and I thought that I wouldn't be able to make it work, since it appeared that her free time would be Saturday and that would be my busiest day…we were both disappointed that she would be so close but so far away!

THEN, Thursday I got an email from my friend Selene, that Robin would be coming to her house Friday night, and how did I feel about popping in for a surprise visit?? OH BOY, I totally jumped on that opportunity, and knew I HAD to make it work! How much fun would it be to see TWO of my stamping friends at one time!!!

SO, I was talking to Jeff about it, and he thought it was a great idea too, except he mentioned that it was supposed to snow Friday…and I'm not a fan of driving far, driving at night, or driving in weather…the town I come from has TWO stop lights and no traffic, and I would be heading past Boston (very traffic-y!!). I REALLY wanted to get there though, so I told Selene I planned on it but would have to keep my eye on the weather just in case.

LUCKILY, I was at work and kept looking out the window throughout the day…no snow yet…my hopes were up!

OH, but another crinkle in my plan…at 2:00 the school nurse calls to tell me that Nicholas tripped during gym class and smashed his face on the bleachers, "but he should be fine, unless he gets a very bad headache or vomits, in which case he has a concussion and will need to go to the hospital"…REALLY?!?! I never go anywhere, tonight I have this grand plan and TODAY this happens????? Anyway, all was fine with Nicholas, I got home from work and saw his booboo, I knew he would definitely have a black eye, but he was fine, wanting a picture of his eye taken to send to dad, yup, he's fine!!

SO the snow held off, and off I went on my hour and a half journey during Friday rush hour that turned into 2 hours, and oh boy, the look on Robin's face when I came in was the BEST and worth every second of the drive!!! We had a big hug, I got to hug Selene too, then we got to dinner, stamping and chatting…I didn't want to leave!!! Gina came over too, I got to meet Gina at Tami White's house last summer when we were planning the Stamp Out Breast Cancer fundraiser…good times!!! Who knew when I signed up for SU! almost 6 years ago that it would be the way I would meet some of my favorite people?!?!! I feel so fortunate.

Selenes 1
OH, and I got to see Selene's fabulous stamping studio, WOW!! Okay, she's got about every SU! product, and LOTS of cool samples, fun fun!!!

So there's my story of the best Friday night!! Thanks girls, looking forward to getting together again, and hopefully for a longer visit 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!!

  1. Glad to read/see your evening with your SU buddies came true!! It’s so nice to see a fellow stamper/SU consultant do things for herself! I know your son will be fine, I’m talking from experience!, and his black eye will be the talk of his class on Monday!

  2. Can I just say Jealous!!!! I wish I was there too!! That would have been awesome!!! But I am happy that you made it to Selene’s house safe and sound and were able to surprise Robin!!! I would have loved to see the look on her face when you showed up!!!

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