Day One Convention Highlights!

I’m officially in Salt Lake City Utah for convention! Woohoo! Up at 4:15 with no problem at all today! How come I can’t do that on a school/work day???? Anywhoo, how exciting!! Our second flight, which went from Chicago to SLC was probably more than half full of stampers!! They were everywhere, and all the other passengers I’m sure thought we were all nuts!

More excitement…my wonderful upline Dawn gave me this adorable journal before I left for convention, and I just love it! I packed it so I can keep notes of all the fun stuff I want to remember! Thanks Dawn 🙂

At the airport I finally met my roommate Kristin, which was also very exciting because we’ve been chatting online for so long…and it seems like we’ve known eachother forever! It’s a convention custom to give your roommates a gift, so looky what Kristin made for me, I’m a lucky girl 🙂

Here’s what I gave to Kristin and Donna today. It’s a Stampin’ Up! coffee mug filled with all the little essentials you need here, like mints, gum, Shout wipes, Advil, tissues, etc.

Donna is my downline, so she does not know this yet, but she’ll be receiving a special gift from me each day we’re at convention! I’ll show you what I gave her each day.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be in line for Memento Mall bright and early, well it may not be that bright since Kristin wants to get up EARLY, like 5 a.m….she’s crazy…luckily I have all night tonight to talk her out of that one! Then after Memento Mall we’ll be picking up our NEW CATALOGS!!!! Later in the afternoon we’ll be touring the home office of SU!, so I’ll be sharing news about that too!

2 thoughts on “Day One Convention Highlights!

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time at Convention! I so wish I was with all of you!!!!
    Thanks for keeping all of us back at home “updated” on all that’s going on at Convention!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Where did you get the mug/rub on for the SU! mug?? What a great idea. Your downline is a lucky lady. Also-a link to a tutorial for the adorable book from your roommate would be enthusiastically appreciated. Thank you for sharing! We all wish we were there!

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