Cupcake Top Note Box Template

Hi all! WOW I've been flooded with questions about my cupcake Top Note box, I'm so glad you like it!! Mostly the questions have been about how to make it, so I thought I'd share the template with you.


For the top and bottom of the box, you're going to adhere together 3 layers (designer paper, the cardboard backing from a pack of designer paper, and either dsp or regular card stock), and then run all that through the Big Shot with your Top Note die.

Next, create your box: (click on the picture to see it full size)


You're going to cut out the dark gray areas, score on the dotted lines and cut on the solid lines. Once you've got it cut and scored, you'll be able to see the shape of the box come together…you don't have to use anything super strong for adhesive to hold the sides together if you're going to wrap it in ribbon like I did. I rounded the corners of the flap to make it fit into the box better.

When you're done making your box, just close up the box, put sticky strip on the top and bottom, and adhere it onto the Top Note shapes you made!

6 thoughts on “Cupcake Top Note Box Template

  1. Thanks for the directions! I just got done making this box for my brother-in-law. I put some candy in it and crinkle paper. It’s soooooo cute! Love it. This won’t be the last one I make. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so . . . VERY much!!! I have been looking for this template and instructions to make this box for at least the last 3 hours!!! Finally this is great! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! May you have a great weekend!!

  3. I swear, this was not there yesterday! Thanks for helping me find it! Printed it twice this time so I won’t go in a panic again! It’s the perfect size box to put a rose or magnolia on, those gorgeous flowers made with the ornament punch.

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