Cupcake Take Along Tote


I have been itching to try this out ever since I originally saw Becky Roberts' version, which she discovered over at Capture the Moment by Nichole Heady. It is just the cutest thing isn't it? Of course I had different sized tubes, plus different stuff in my outside pocket, so I modified Nichole's measurements to fit my project.


How cute are those test tubes filled with candy sprinkles? I actually got them last year on clearance at Halloween time, and I happened to have two leftover, perfect!


Here's where the "urge" to create this kit comes from…last fall about a week before Halloween, I came home from work to find a whole kit for making Halloween cupcakes on my front steps. It was all packaged up in one of those plastic jack-o-lanterns, I guess it was supposed to be anonymous, but I knew immediately it was from my younger sister Corey and her kids, how sweet a gesture that was!…fast forward to this week…I thought how fun it would be to make this kit for Corey, Connor & Grace!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll have stamper's club cards to show you tomorrow, which I was actually supposed to show you today…but of course I got sidetracked *again* and ended up making this project instead! See ya!

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