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Did you see the beautiful Countdown to Christmas frame in the Decor Elements brochure? I loved it the first time I saw it, but figured for sure Stampin' Up! had gotten that frame at Pottery Barn, or somewhere else that would cost a pretty penny. I ordered the Christmas Countdown quite a while ago, and recently I asked my hubby about how "we" (meaning he) could make that frame, and inexpensively. Lucky for me he had some flashing from when he re-shingled the house, I guess it's the stuff you put around windows when you replace them? Anyway, it comes on a roll, and it's about 10" wide, and I'm not sure how long but it's a pretty big roll…perfect for my project! Next we headed to Lowes where I picked out some crown molding, which he cut and painted black for me. He assembled the whole thing on a piece of plywood and I was ready to go!

I made my numbered squares out of those little Formica samples you get at the home improvement store. (and before I get flamed for "borrowing" the samples from Lowes, I
asked the man working in the counter section, AND offered to pay for
them, and he said I could take as many as I wanted, lucky day:) They're a perfect size, at 2 x 2-3/4", but the hole is on the wrong side…you need to have the piece the long way, so I thought I'd have to ask my husband to drill a hole in each one…until the lightbulb went on, who has the best tool ever for punching through just about anything? Stampin' Up! does, it's the Cropadile! I covered my little samples with Ski Slope paper before applying my numbers and punching the hole.

I embellished the numbers with the little felt flurries and rhinestone brads. I can't wait until it's hanging up! I'll probably wait to hound my husband to do that until tomorrow since he's done so much today already.


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas frame

  1. Oh Kerin this is simply beautiful! So many clever ideas you incorporated into it! It is a great class idea and I am sure many of your blogger friends are going to love it! TFS ~Donna

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