Club Treats


Here are the treats I gave my club girls this month. I made them for the first time a couple of years ago, then forgot all about them until I found the pattern recently. Each "box" holds two Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and you can decorate them to fit any occasion.


I thought I would have gotten the instructions written up by now, but I had a little too much birthday fun this past weekend and did not even step foot into my stamp room!! I was very naughty & fell off the Weight Watchers' wagon hard this weekend, yikes!! I did not even cook one meal at home, but we really enjoyed ourselves and I'm back on track today 🙂

Also, Saturday afternoon we went to buy a camper…I'm super excited for the fun times we'll be having this summer with friends & family!!

I'll try to get the instructions written up in the next few days! Thanks for stopping by!



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