Another Calendar Book


Okay, so I've got 3 minutes before I have to leave for work this morning, and days have been crazy lately so if I don't do it now I won't post today!! My friend Jen (fellow PTO mom) saw my calendar book that I made for myself at our last meeting and asked me to make her one…I was seeing her last night for another PTO meeting so I needed to get this together quickly!!  I didn't make her the same one I have because I found an even better one with a plastic cover so hers will stay nice and new looking. Anyway, her favorite colors are pink and chocolate brown, so I used Georgia Peach paper, along with Bella Rose (for the brown polka dot letters), the Serif Essentials letters for the Big Shot, and the 3 flower punch to make the little accents. Do you love the little "Dare to be Fabulous"?? Any ?'s, just ask!! Phew, one minute to spare!

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