40,000 Hits Blog Candy!


Holy Cow! I think it was only a few months ago that I was so excited to celebrate my 10,000th hit…and now time has flown by and I'm passing 40,000 hits this morning!! For this great milestone I want to give away some fabulous Blog Candy! Of course I love all things Stampin' Up!, and as many of you know I love 3d items and altering things, so I thought what more appropriate blog candy than some SU! products and items to alter with them!

Now I know it's only the week before Halloween, but I am beginning to get in the holiday spirit already, so here's what I'd like you to do to enterLeave a comment on my blog about your favorite holiday tradition, recipe, or link to a holiday 3d item you've made. Pretty simple huh? I am looking forward to hearing lots of new holiday ideas, so I would love for everyone that reads this to enter!

I will leave the comments open for one week, and on November 1st I'll draw a winner. I'll mail everything in this picture to one lucky person that will be drawn using random.org. Here's what's shown:

  • Stampin' Up!'s Friendship Blooms Stamp Set
  • Stampin' Up!'s Lots of Thoughts Stamp Set
  • Assorted Stampin' Up! Ribbons
  • Stampin' Up! Prints Pack (hostess gift from the Spring/Summer Catalog)
  • One DVD tin
  • One business card holder tin
  • One square tin with window top
  • Of course it will all come with a hand-stamped card from me too:)

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm looking forward to reading all your fabulous holiday ideas!

42 thoughts on “40,000 Hits Blog Candy!

  1. Wow! Congratulations on so many hits! I’m not surprised as I have enjoyed your blog for quite some time! One of my favorite holiday traditions is leaving the Christmas music on all night long so that no matter when one wakes up in the house, it can be heard playing softly. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Congratulations! My favorite holiday tradition is getting together on Christmas Eve with family. I also love turning off all the lights in the house, except the tree lights, and reminiscing about all of the great things that have happened over the past year.

  3. Congratulations on your milestone! One of our favorite traditions is new pajamas for the entire family that are opened on Christmas Eve and worn that night.

  4. Congrats on hitting 40K!
    My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be driving around in the car with the family on Christmas Eve looking at all of the Christmas lights! When I was a kid it was the only thing that made me sleepy enough to go to bed when we got home!

  5. WOW! Congrats on your blog milestone! I so enjoy coming here & getting inspiration from you! πŸ™‚ Thanks for offering such sweet candy!
    One of my fave recipes that we ALWAYS make during our C’mas Bake-A-Thon is actually very simple (well, takes time, but not many ingredients).
    I don’t even know what we call them! LOL
    Ritz crackers
    Creamy peanut butter
    Chocolate almond bark
    Spread creamy peanut butter on the bumpy side of Ritz, add another Ritz(smooth side up)to make it a sandwich, and dip into melted choc almond bark, covering all sides.
    Take back out & set on waxed paper to dry/harden.
    (We have the choc in a consistently melted stage by using a double boiler)

  6. My favorite family tradition is that Italian family gets together after Thanksgiving to make homemade ravioli. Then we get to enjoy them on Christmas Day. Yum!

  7. OMG! and I thought I was the only one who got new jammies on Christmas Eve πŸ™‚ I love to look forward to that as a kid… I get warm & fuzzy goosebumps just reading about these wonderful traditions- I am going to start Jackie W’s tradition this year! Kerin, Congrats on hitting 40K… you are amazing and as your upline I couldn’t be more proud of your stamping accomplishments πŸ™‚ I wanted to add a comment here, but leave me out of the blog candy drawing- it wouldn’t be right if your upline won!!

  8. Congratulations on getting to 40,000! That’s always!!!
    I found your blog in a search for something else and I am so glad I did. What a great blog! I have really enjoyed seeing all the great creations here.
    Here in Germany is the Holy Night on 24.12.!
    First we go to the church in the evening. Then we are eating every year our traditions meal. It’s very simple, my parents was coming from Oberschlesien and our traditions meal is Bratwurst with beer sauce, Sauerkraut and potatoes. Hmmmmhhhh!! And …… then ……. We are going in the livingroom, we are singing Christmas songs under the Christmas tree and then we are getting our presents. It’s a family tradtion! All my sisters and my brother and our childrens are celebrate so the Holy Night!
    Thanks for offering up such wonderful blog candy its so generous of you!
    Greetings from Germany – Regina

  9. Congrats on 40K!! I love your blog!! My family tradition is to make chocolate balls….some call them buckeyes too. It takes atleast three people to make them so the whole family chips in. They are creamy peanut butter inside and hardened chocolate on the outside….they are amazing. All of our family and friends hopes they receive some on their “cookie plate” each year during the holidays!! Happy Holidays!

  10. Kerin,
    Congratulations on your 40,000 hits. I think I have contributed a lot of those hits as I check your site daily. I love all your great ideas and creativity.
    A holdicay tradition we started several years ago was to sit around our Thanksgiving table and decide what charity(ies) we would all contribute to instead of giving gifts to friends. We notified our friends of this the first year saying that we all felt we were blessed with so much and that we (and hoped they) would take the money we/they would have spent on a gift and give to a charity instead. We(and they) have received such joy from this new tradition. And, it is fun to share with each other the different ways we have contributed to charities.

  11. Congrats on all the hits! One of my favourite traditions is the making of the gingerbread house. Although unlike my Mom who made everything from scratch, we use a kit, but it’s still something that we do as a family and everyone looks forward to each year.

  12. Congratulations to my fabulous upline….enjoy your fame! Please do not put me into the drawing either, but I did want to congratulate you and leave a comment! I’d have to say new jammies is the most treasured tradition in our home too! It is the one present everyone gets to open on Christmas Eve!

  13. Congratulations on 40,000 hits – my favorite holiday traditions are the homemade ones – cards, cookies, pies, etc. In the past few years I’ve probably been the most dedicated to the cards, as my family and friends look forward to seeing what I’ve made! I’m proud to tell them that I get many of my ideas from my online friends!
    P.S. I love hearing about the new jammies tradition – maybe I can start that one in my family!

  14. Congratulations! My favorite tradition is that my family (my parents, my sisters with their husbands and kids and my husband and son – 13 of us) always take the Friday after Christmas off from work and spend the entire day together at my parents house. We open presents and eat wonderful food all day!

  15. Congrats on the hits! My fav holiday tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve with my in-laws and then going back to their house to enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal.

  16. Congratulations on your hits!
    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the Chinese gift exchange. It’s so much fun! Everyone that wants to play brings a wrapped gift (set price range-we’ve done anywhere from $5-$30. This year we are doing handmade gifts). Say you have 10 people participating. You put the numbers 1-10 in hat and everyone gets to draw a number. Whoever gets 1 gets to picks and unwrap a gift. Then number 2 can either take 1’s gift or get one from the pile and so on. When someone’s gift is taken, they get to pick a new one from the pile, or take one from someone else. After a gift has been stolen 3 times it becomes frozen, meaning whoever has it at that time, keeps it. When the game is over, number 1 gets to draw again. It is always a blast!

  17. Love your blog !! Our favorite tradition is Christmas Eve mass. We go at midnight and it is so beautiful!!!! Even the kids love it!!

  18. Thanks to everyone for sharing your great holiday traditions so far! I’ve been enjoying reading all of them, and I was surprised by all the new jammies!! Maybe we need to start that tradition in my house too! Thanks again, and keep ’em coming!!

  19. Congrats on the 40,000 hits! That’s just amazing! My fav. tradition is having everyone over to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner. I love making the turkey,potatoes and pies. Everyone else brings the rest of the food.

  20. Congratulations on so many hits! My favorite holiday tradition when I was growing up was that we each got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was nice because Christmas Day was crazy going to grandma’s house and being with our huge extended family, so we didn’t get time to play with out presents. But Christmas Eve was just my parents and us. Now my favorite tradition is one my fiance and I started our first Christmas Dating. We always exchange our gifts for each other at midnight on Christmas Eve. It’s fun πŸ™‚

  21. I love decorating the Christmas tree and then turning off the lights, and just looking at how beautiful it is.

  22. Kerin- yeay for you on hitting such an unbelievable number! No surprise from watching your site grow over time!
    My favorite traditions are (can’t pick one) … my sister and I leave cookies under the tree in our holiday shoes for Mrs. Clause (since most people forget the force behind the man!) and every year she leaves us a wonderful gift wrapped in silver and blue! Last year she brought Disney on Ice tickets! This year I hear she is bringing a fish tank and petco gift cards for us to buy fish!
    The second tradition… mom started…is making a birthday cake for baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. We all gather and sing happy birthday to him. He is the real reason we celebrate this holiday and mom does not want us to forget!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  23. Congratulations on hitting 40,000! My favorite holiday tradition is sewing new pajamas of the same fabric for all of us. As well as baking Christmas cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve.

  24. OMG!!! I am in LOVE with SU!! These goodies are fabulous!! Congratulations on your huge milestone! One of my favorite traditions is getting a family photo with the cat (that’s the hard part) in front of the tree. Every year I have so many funny photos of the cat in various stages of jumping off of our laps!!

  25. Congrats on all the hits…you go girl! One of our traditions is to go out as a family and cut down our Christmas tree…and every year we give our children an ornament symbolizing a significant event in their life that year. We also gave them new jammies for many years!
    Thanks for this chance to win sweet candy!
    ~Brenda H

  26. Congrats on the 40K!
    I live in Israel, and I’m jewish so we don’t celebrate Halloween, but I’m going to make a mini album for my SIL, which lives in the US couple of years (coming back to Israel next summer) – and the kids are celebrating at school.
    My favorite jewish holiday is Sukkot (which was ended 2 weeks ago). In the past few years my husband and I are building a “suka” and we eat in it the whole week. Our daughters love it!

  27. Hi Kerin! Congrats on all the hits – that is so awesome!!!! Your blog is always fabulous and inspirational! Our favorite family tradition is to make decorated sugar cookies together as a family, we started it when I was a kid and it continues today with my children. Awesome blog candy too!! Thanks for being so generous!

  28. Congrats on all of the hits! My favourite recipe is my Dad’s shortbread cookies. Every Christmas (even now that we all live apart) we get together and my Dad makes the cookies and my sister and I decorate them. Every year he says he won’t do it again because we are old enough to do it ourselves, but he always does!

  29. Love your blog, so much inspiration.
    One of our favorite holiday traditions is on Christmas eve, everyone in our family buys a stocking stuffer or two for each other and after dinner Christmas Eve we take turns opening them, listening to Christmas carols, eating cookies and looking forward to Christmas Day.

  30. I just came across your blog and all I can say is Wow! So much to look at and absorb. You are so very talented. Nice of you to share with the rest of us. A favortie Christmas tradition of ours is to get a new ornament for each child every year. They go into “thier” storage box and every year are put on the tree by that child. When the time comes that they move out and have their own tree they will have those ornaments to use. Awesome blog candy, thanks for the chance to win. jmniffer

  31. Love your blog! Our new tradition as our family has gotten older is that we forego a lot of our gift buying and donate that money to an organization chosen by a different family member each year. We then do a grab bag gift exchange of homemade items which usually turns out being a lot of fun! Thanks for offering such great blog candy AND sharing your creativity with all!

  32. My favorite holiday tradition would be having my family come for Christmas. My family only comes once a year and it’s extra special because they usually end up coming for Christmas.

  33. Congrats on 40,000 hits and thanks for all the great ideas! One of my favorite Christmas traditions is that my sister and I always take a picture of us ringing each other’s necks. It has even trickled over to taking the same type of picture at our weddings!

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